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On Second Thought...

On second thought, maybe there is something you can do.

My momma is a smart, smart woman, and my momma once told me, "Son," she said, "You're not getting nothing in this world unless you annoy somebody about it."

I think maybe my momma was right. We can't legislate ECHELON out of existence. We can't vote intelligence agents out of office. But we sure as heck can annoy them into submission!

The two foundations of intelligence operations like ECHELON are secrecy and unaccountability. Seems to me the most annoying thing you could do would be to drop these folks a note to say hello. If the note happened to be about ECHELON that'd get 'em extra steamed.

Another sure way to annoy the spooks is to gum up their sneaky little system. The easiest way to do that is to make sure your friendly note contains enough nasty keywords to ring all the bells at ECHELON central.

You could go through the trouble of crafting and sending just such a note yourself, but we'll make it easy for you. We've got right here a handy-dandy super-duper automatic protest note sender that you can use with minimal time and effort. Just fill out the form to your right, and we'll zip off an e-mail in your name to the President of the United States. Just be sure to include enough zingy keywords to trip the system.

Happy Scribing!


Why write to President Clinton, you might ask? Well, there are three reasons. The first reason is that since the United States is alleged to lead the spy alliance, our target for protest should be American. Our second reason is that we simply couldn't locate the e-mail addresses of more particularly involved individuals like Clinton's National Security Advisor (Sandy Berger) or the Director of Central Intelligence (George Tenet). I guess that's what makes them "spooks". Third, Clinton will never read these e-mails. His staff will rarely read them. It is ultimately his computer which will collect, organize and present correspondence according to keyword content. In protesting the proliferation of keyword-driven computer surveillance systems, there couldn't a more appropriate or ironic method than e-mailing Slick Willie's keyword-driven computer correspondence system.


Handy-Dandy E-Mail The President about ECHELON Form

Make a difference... Send a letter to President Clinton and annoy the U.S. government into submission!

Your Name:
Your E-mail Address:

Mr. President, I am in opposition to the use of the ECHELON system because:

I sincerely object to my e-mail being scrutinized and selected simply because it contains keywords like:

clipper chip
black helicopters
I didn't inhale
human rights record
my friend Hussein
capitalist running dogs
free speech
semen-streaked dress
Monica Lewinsky
Sam Donaldson
, and so on.

A number of independent researchers have reported the existence of this surveillance system, yet the United States government remains silent. Why? I urge you to release all available information concerning the ECHELON fisasco immediately. It is time to end the secret invasion of our lives.


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