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Cook's Books: Cook's Looks

Welcome to Cook's Looks, part of the Cook's Books online book center. Cook's Looks is an irregular journal of original writing with links to related contemporary authors. As time goes on, we'll include a whole lot of different kinds of work - fiction, poetry, satire, information and commentary. As you read the articles, you'll notice that we sometimes include links to books discussing related materials. If you're interested, you'll have the option to buy through Barnes and Noble, the world's most trusted online bookseller. What could be simpler? Browse and enjoy!

Do the Right Thing: reflections on morality and social responsibility.

  1. Nike University: Hooked on Sweatshops
    Do you go to Nike University? Read on and find out.
  2. Four Questions About Sweatshops
    Are these the nagging little questions at the back of your mind?
  3. Sin in the Senate
    If those Bible-thumping politicians were sincere, what would they be saying?
  4. You Never Write, You Never Call
    How much will it take to get a response from the powers that be?

Scam Slam: hooks, lines and stinkers

  1. Price Baloney: The San Francisco Cheat
    Rice-a-Roni and other food manufacturers sell less fat by selling less food for the same price. Learn more here.
  2. Bearing False Witness
    False truth and false logic in God's Kingdom.

Freedom Watch: how has individual liberty been subverted? let us count the ways...

  1. ECHELON: Big Brother is Listening
    Under the ECHELON surveillance system, nothing is private.

The Honorable Cheapskate:honest guides to cheap and free goods on the web.

  • FreeSkate
    Sick of internet sites hawking "free stuff" that isn't really free? Try this honest, honorable guide to goods and services that are really, truly free.
  • FreeSkate with Strings
    Read here for stuff you can get for free, if you can navigate around the strings that are attached. Don't worry, we'll tell you how.
  • CheapSkate
    This guide focuses on some of the ways you can save money on the things you just can't get for free. We'll show you how to get some hidden discounts on a variety of goods.

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