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Frieda Wrote Plunk

Frieda wrote "plunk."

Davida wrote more
about writing "plunk"
and its place in the
history of
western art.

Sheila wrote that "plink"
is a poorer choice than "plunk"
since it revolves around the "i"
instead of the "u."

Laura added prefixes to the "plunk"
like "(re)plunk" and "(de/con)plunk"
to show her PoMo cultural rectitude
and draw attention to the starving masses
in some third-world country with a neat-
sounding name.

Petula Xeroxed the original
Frieda-scrawled "plunk" and
put it on a pinwheel
she attached to her nipple
while she read the "Kama Sutra"
backwards on her head.
The audience roared.
Petula got a cramp.

Frank Rich reviewed Petula's SoHo show
with a scathing remark
about the kids who say
"plunk" these days.

But hey, Frieda only wrote "plunk."