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The following is an index of articles I have written for Themestream. They are organized by subject: Religion, Politics, Poetry, and the Internet. While my writings may excite, enrage, encourage, cajole or bedevil, I hope they will above all stimulate the mind. Thanks for visiting and reading!

  • Sin in the Senate
    Trent Lott, Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson quote the Bible to disparage gays, lesbians and bisexuals. If they skipped a few paragraphs down in the Word of God, what might they find?
  • False Witness
    Exposing false truth and faulty logic in the holy kingdom of the Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Biblical Illiteralism
    We've all heard that the the word of the Bible prohibits homosexuality. But is this true? And if we accept Biblical pronouncements regarding homosexuality, what else would we have to swallow?
  • Bible Sneak
    Apparently, in Arizona the "Separation" of Church and State is kind of like Pasting...
  • The Word of God According to Kenny
    Do you think in circles, hang on maybes and react to vague threats? Here's a new religion just for you!
  • New Age Religion the Mad Libs Way
    Seek Alternative Enlightenment the MAD LIBS way! Only $19.95 plus shipping and handling...
  • Is Science Just a Religion?
    Scientists often condemn religion because its foundation is based upon faith. Is science vulnerable to the same argument?
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