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These are some pictures of our new home! Enjoy

The two pictures above show our house from the front of the street. You can see the willow oak tree (thanks Ma Cook help in identification) in the margins. If we tried to fit the whole thing in the picture you wouldn't see any house. Yep, you caught us, we're tree huggers. :)

This is the back yard. There's not too much sunlight for a vegetable garden, but we've had lots of help figuring out what to do with the nice shade. We're very thankful for the shade, because it and a few window AC units are all that's keeping us cool right now!

For years, Ma Cook has derisively referred to this contraption as the "squirrel feeder." Shocking but incontrovertible evidence that she is right. Yep, that squirrel is actually taking a nap in there.

This is Noah's bedroom. Hey, what's he up to over there! Somebody catch him before he...

This may be a baby room some time in the future, but for right now it's just the, um, well.... Ok, we don't know what it is. But there it is!

This is our bedroom, one of two rooms up on a second floor that is a converted attic.

An office, on the other side of the attic.

This is our living room. Is the camera pitching, or is that the floor?

Same room, different view.

Our dining room - it is wee, but wee like it that way.

Last verse, same as the first. Anyone know that reference?

This kitchen brought to you by the elbow grease of Numeriano Jalbuena, Jr, aka the adirondack chair wizard. Thanks! We are going to remove that hideous, ugly, Martha Stewart-repelling, Pottery Barn dropout of a floor. One of these days when we write that snappy new Kroger's jingle. We're just sayin'.

This is Noah's playroom...and that's it, except for the secret dungeon where they filmed Silence of the Lambs. And the helicopter pad and jacuzzi. And the jewels underneath the bed on the right, you know, right near that window where the lock, nevermind.

Finally, this is