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The Confounded Parent

Let's be honest for a moment, shall we? If you're a new parent of a young child and you're like most of the rest of us, you don't have a clue. It's tiring, isn't it, to pretend you know what you're doing?

Well, don't worry about that any more, my friend. Let it all hang out. Admit your ignorance. Then do something about it! How? The truth is that although there's a lot we don't know, each of us does know something about raising a baby. When we share the little tidbits freely, we all can learn from one another.

In that spirit, The Confounded Parent provides a place for the sharing of information about babies and parenting. Follow the links organized below to find either general or specific information offered by mothers and fathers just like you.

Do you have insights of your own that you'd like to share at The Confounded Parent? Click here to send in your comments -- unless they're vulgar or otherwise inappropriate, we'll add your thoughts to the trove.

General Advice

  1. BabyCenter Chat and Board Community
    BabyCenter has set up a series of chat sessions and electronic bulletin boards organized around a series of topics, ranging from travel during pregnancy to circumcision to potty training. If you're looking for controversy, colliding opinions, or perhaps just an answer to a simple question, browsing these board can be a great help.
  2. ParentSoup Board Center
    BabyCenter's chief commercial rival, ParentSoup, has set up an alternate set of discussion boards with generally the same format and focus as BabyCenter's community center. Try surfing both when you have a burning question that needs to be answered.
  3. The Irregular Baby
    "For parents living on the edge of sanity." This resource gathers links to opinions, multimedia discussions, reviews and other informative pieces. As the authors say, "We're parents too and have had experience with everything we write about. Good advice and bad, postive and negative views alike will be found here. When you're changing diapers, you're in no mood for self-censorship." Take a look for yourself...
  4. Parenting Babies and Toddlers
    This is a moderated board with articles, news briefs, research reports, links and references for new parents, whether they be careful, clueless confounded or just curious.
  5. BC Parent's Baby Talk
    Brought to you from the birthplace of many good things, British Columbia, the magazine BC Parent offers this very helpful, no-nonsense page linking to a bunch of informative articles about all kinds of things we new parents worry about: infant massage, cats and pets, the first 48 hours.... A really helpful (and refreshingly acommercial) resource.