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The Irregular Poll

We question the fishmongers. We pigeonhole the rock doves. We measure the marigolds. Irregular times call for irregular polls.

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Yes, irregular times call for irregular polls. Our crackpot staff thinks outside the envelope and pushes the box every day to come up with the perfect polling questions for you (not the other people who visit this page). We ask the questions no one else dares to, no one else cares to, no one else would think to ask. Genius!

Take part in the genius, my friend. No, don't be afraid...we won't hurt you. Just take the polls below and we promise to send on $500 in campaign contributions to the Senator of your choosing (thanks to our friend LouAnne at the Psychic Friends' Network, we already know who that is).

While you're at it, be sure to check out the results for each poll. After all, wouldn't you like to know what others' meaningful answers to these meaningless questions might be?