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We categorize the odd. We pigeonhole the sparrow. Get your information irregularly.

The Irregular Web

Irregular Jonathan Speaks

Irregularity Dot Communique

Irregular Organization

The History of Irregularity

The Student Voice
(an historical document of irregularity)

Irregular Books

Irregularity too much for you?
Regular Search

Get paid just for sharing your opinions

What is Irregular Organization? Mixed media in the land of misfit toys. Anal retentiveness in the service of the free spirit. Our irregular gnome gathers the arcana left behind by the regular trolls. Go hither with links, thither with reviews, yon with reading.

Begin your travels here.

What Is?
The road to enlightenment is paved with hyperlinks

Congress Watch
Pick up what mainstream reporting misses

Great Books for Political Muckraking
Woodward and Bernstein had to get started somewhere...

The Confounded Parent
You have no idea what you're doing, do you?

Irregular Politics
A collection of ongoing, irregular, and not always partisan discussion of politics.

Don't Cry for Me, Harry Potter
There is life after the Chamber of Secrets, you know...
...while you're at it, check out the Complete Harrry Potter Collection

Writers' Online Resources
A brief but useful guide to scratching your itch for fun and profit