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University of Arizona
Political Sociology - SOC 315
Final Examination

Select and write on three of the following four essay topics. As you should do in any writing assignment, support your claims with examples whenever possible. Write clearly; if I do not understand the point you are trying to make, I cannot give you credit for it. Define any special terms you use. Include all the details needed to make your essay persuasive and complete. Do not make any assumptions about what I know. Do not assume that I will pick up on any hidden assumptions. I will not read between the lines when grading your essay. Write everything that is necessary to your argument down on paper explicitly and clearly. Be sure to write your answers in proper essay form, with complete and grammatically correct sentences.

You may not refer to any materials other than your own brain when completing this exam.

The exam is due Wednesday at Noon. You may either fill out the exam online or print out answers from a word processor and put them in my mailbox on the 4th floor of Social Sciences.


1. Describe, compare and contrast classical pluralist theory and elite pluralist theory. Which of the two theories do you find most compelling? Why?

2. Describe, compare and contrast two theories of social movements. Which of the two theories do you find most compelling? Why?

3. What are social networks? How do social networks influence politics?

4. What is power? What role does power play in the various theories of political sociology?

Honor Pledge:I affirm that I have neither given nor received assistance in the completion of this examination. I affirm that this work is my own. I have not referred to any materials in the completion of this examination.
You must indicate that you agree to the honor pledge by selecting "yes" below.