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Irregular Jonathan Speaks: The Challenge Page

On this page, we're throwing down the gauntlet, and we want you to pick it up. There are some so-called "truths" out there that a whole lot of people subscribe to, "truths" that we think are a load of bunk. But hey -- maybe we're wrong! Here's your chance to prove us wrong. Go ahead -- we dare you. Review the challenges below, click on the appropriate link, and complete these simple tasks. After all, it's obvious that you're right, right? We promise that (as long as your answer isn't completely irrelevant, like "Joey was here! Hi, Mom!") we'll publish your comments right here for others to read and react to.

Let the Challenges begin!

Challenge 1: Identify the passage in the Bible that condemns homosexuality. You must be willing to live by the other judgements in the same passage.

Challenge 2: Prove that the Bible is the word of God.

Challenge 3: Explain the fundamental difference between these two scenes: 1) A parent slaps his or child and yells, "Don't hit your younger brother!" 2) Nation A bombs nation B in response to nation B's use of violent force.

Challenge 4: Explain why it's not ok to hit a grown-up, but it's ok to hit a child.

Come back soon and you'll see more challenges just like these. Also check out others' attempts to meet the challenge -- do they measure up? You judge. Ta!